Course content

We have a lots of experience developing course content. It can be building fom scratch or translating and/or editing existing content.
Here are some examples.

Varian is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions. They have engaged LäraNära in developing content for their training programme "Access to Care"

Access to Care is a training programme mainly targeted at developing countries. It aims to raise the professional level of nurses and physicians working with radiation therapy.

LäraNära, working together with with swedish experts, is responsible for developing course content for radiation physicists. This includes editorial work, new artwork and texts, new recordings of lectures and finally deployment within the LäraNära system.

Course for patient representatives

The Regional Cancer Centre in Stockholm and Gotland, Sweden is, during 2015, deploying a course aimed for patient representatives.
LäraNära has been contracted to aid in the development of the material. This includes editorial work as well as recordings of lectures.

The goal the course is to inform patients and families so they can participate and make their own active choices in healthcare.

Pain - Clinic and Treatment

For more than 10 years the pharmaceutical company Mundipharma have been running clinical trainings in pain treatment. All the time LäraNära has been the successful platform.

LäraNära has been responible for developing and maintaining the content together with experts in the field.
The course is now a de facto introduction in pain treatment for doctors in Sweden.

Partner: Mundipharma AB
(in Swedish)