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Studying should be easy and fun

When knowledge is accessible and close at hand, it becomes much easier and more fun to study. This has been our mission for the past fifteen years and it has become even more relevant in light of today’s mobile-driven society.

The entire concept behind LäraNära is to make teaching and learning simple and easily accessible. We believe it should be easy to set up courses of the highest quality, even if you aren’t used to working with computers. The course should be user-friendly with a clear and simple format for the students. Students should be able to immediately understand what the course offers and what is required of them. And if you want help creating or revising a course, we make sure that we have a network of experts to assist you in producing the best quality materials. We constantly strive to be as responsive to your needs as possible, to help figure out the best solution that works for you.

  • Healthcare professionals have produced a great deal of course material that has been used with great success in various fields of healthcare and for numerous professions.
  • Evaluations of our courses has shown that participants even with limited computer skills have been able to embrace the material. Participants have consistently remarked on how LäraNära showed them a realizable path to new knowledge.
  • Teachers and administrators appreciate the overview tool that tracks students' progress in the course, enabling them to easily comment and follow-up on submitted assignments.
Jan Degerfält

Jan is something of a pioneer in distance education. As early as the mid-1990s he began to develop a distance education course for nurses in radiation therapy. The course has since become a standard in education within the Swedish healthcare system.

You can reach Jan at 070 357 94 58, jan.degerfalt@laranara.se

Staffan Sjöstedt

In the early 1990s, Staffan started work on the production of entertainment and teaching material on CD-ROM. He founded LäraNära, which has today developed into a completely internet-based platform. Staffan provides support for technical issues.

You can reach staffan at 070 848 95 94, staffan.sjostedt@laranara.se


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