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A simple and easy way to teach and learn

LäraNära´s platform is both simple and efficient to facilitate the work of students, course leaders, and administrators.

It takes just fifteen minutes to understand how a course is organized

Through our web portal, you as the course leader can write and record lectures as well as manage the administrative elements for your course participants. The platform enables you to communicate easily with both individual students and groups. You can develop modules as a series of mini-courses that are conveniently put together to for a cohesive course. The modules can then be reused as building blocks for other courses.

We take care of all the operational issues and overhead, including servers, software and backups.

  • A simple and effective system for both students and teachers.
  • A complete and cohesive platform — author the course content, activity reports, and automatically send course certificates all in one place
  • Students will need just fifteen minutes to understand how the course is organized.
  • LäraNära handles all of the operational activity.

Did you know..

Of the 1,200 participants who started the course in "Safe handling and administration of cytotoxic drugs" during the first 10 years, just 2.9% dropped out of training.

Simple and effective to use for teachers

  • Get an overview of students' progress and activity
  • You can receive a daily report on participants' activity as well as warnings for students who have been inactive for too long.
  • Complete email feature to contact individuals, groups, or portions of groups
  • A simple and smart exportable student list that displays the data you want
  • Create course certificates that are automatically emailed to course participants
  • Write messages to course participants that will be displayed at predetermined times
  • Private file archive that can be shared with individuals and groups
  • Shared file archives to share files with groups of students, teachers or administrators
LäraNära as a e-learning platform is extremely well thought out from a user-friendly point of view both for students and us as teachers. It is easy to navigate, has many functions that give me as a teacher the opportunity to be flexible and creative in my distance education. The e-learning platform gives both students and teachers a clear visual overview of ongoing and completed tasks, as well as completed knowledge acquisition.
LäraNära has a fast and reliable support, as well as a driving force to constantly improve and develop the platform’s uses
Ramona Aronsson, Education manager at Consensum, Sollentuna, Sweden

It was easy and quick for our experts to create courses with LäraNära. And now that the courses are in full swing, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from the participants.
Education manager at The Danish National Center for Grief (Det Nationale Sorgcenter || Børn, Unge & Sorg), Copenhagen

The table with the students’ results is worth its weight in gold. It's super clear with all the red flowers on green grass
Administrator/Teacher at higher vocational education in Helsingborg, Sweden

Studying with LäraNära Online

  • LäraNära Online works in any normal web browser; use it on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • The presentation and navigation systems are laid out simply and clearly, meaning students can get going in just fifteen minutes’ time.
  • Full text search function of the course material.
  • Quick and reliable playback features make lectures accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to communicate via the online forum, course logs, or over email; the ability to address both individuals and groups.
  • A private file archive where you can store all the files needed for your studies.
Repetition - great with the LäraNära system. First study, and then during the meeting the students’ questions and answers can be discussed thoroughly. A great pedagogical tool!
Doctor on a radiation therapy course

It is such a positive experience to work with LäraNära.
Nurse on the course ”Safe handling and administration of cytotoxic drugs”.

I had previously worked with other e-learning platforms and LäraNära was clearly the most user-friendly.
Evaluation of a course from The Danish National Center for Grief, Copenhagen

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