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Create your own course

We have extensive experience developing course materials of the very highest quality — we’ve worked with everything from instructional films to specialist courses in health and medical care.

We can build a course from scratch or work from existing materials.

Your course material will be used and developed over many years; to that end, you want your course material to be of the highest quality. Texts should be clear, precise, and easy to understand. Images alongside the material should be appropriate to the text, inspiring to the student, and follow a consistent style throughout. Content for lectures should be easy to understand and the audio should be clear so that it can be used effectively throughout the course.

  • Course material that is created with care can be used and maintained for many years.
  • The clearer you make the material, the more easily students will be able to absorb it.
  • Easy-to-understand material online lightens the workload of the instructor.
  • Strong course material is a major selling point when it comes to attracting potential students.

Specialised Editing

You can either supply us with existing material or we can assist you with experts in our network.
We utilize an editor with specialist knowledge to examine all texts linguistically, analysing them in terms of content and pedagogically. The same procedures are applied to lectures to ensure they achieve a good learning flow.


We can produce new original material in the form of illustrations and pictures based on the sketches from the lecturer or instructor. A good picture can clearly explain complex concepts and can inspire students to spend more time on the course material.

Studio Work

We have a network of experts who speak both Swedish and English and who can read your text aloud so that it is presented in a compelling and varied format. We use studio-quality recordings and top-tier post-processing to ensure the highest level of quality for your lectures.

Some examples where we have helped create content

Course content for medical physicists

Varian is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical technology products and software for radiation therapy used in cancer treatments. They have engaged LäraNära to build content for their "Access to Care" training programs.

Access to Care is a training program aimed primarily at low- and middle-income countries. It is used to increase the professional level of medical physicians and nurses in radiation therapy.

Symptom control in advanced cancer

The pharmaceutical company Lilly gives a course for specialists and doctors, “Symptom control in advanced cancer” (Symtomkontroll vid avancerad cancersjukdom). See https://www.lipus.se/kurs/11316
LäraNära was responsible for producing the entirety of the course material.

Anatomy and physiology

A complete digital course in Anatomy and Physiology for students in healthcare education. A course that we ourselves offer that is used in the education of nursing assistants, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and biomedical analysts.